Figlia – Ceramic bottle 500 ml


“Figlia is like a tailor-made dress, which suits me to a T.”
I have tried to tell my story through my father, my family, our traditions and our passion. But it wasn’t enough.
My intuition brought me to make it real and give it a real identity:
Figlia is the sensitive side of Nature,
that celebrates the uniqueness of all the living beings, preserving the traditional ingredients and combining them with the contemporary taste;
it is the volatile quality that goes beyond its practical function and touches the most profound and emotional chords of our souls.”


Figlia is the 2019-2020 limited edition produced by Agricola Dargenio and represented by the extra-virgin olive oil of Coratina variety. It is obtained through a fine selection of olives, harvested and processed in less than 24 hours through the cold extraction technique.

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