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The extra virgin olive oil of the Azienda Agricola Dargenio is created only with olives coming from the farm’s lands. Cold extract and 100% Italian, it preserves all the typical taste of Puglia extra virgin olive oil because it’s made only with Coratina cultivar olives, known for their intense taste.




Padre is the first 100% Coratina extra virgin olive oil produced by Azienda Agricola Dargenio during the 2017/2018 olive oil campaign. The olives, harvested directly from the tree, are transformed into extra virgin olive oil in a maximum time of 24 hours with cold extraction.

With an intense green color and golden hues, Padre is an intense fruity that releases an enveloping scent and a strong flavor with bitter and spicy notes. On the nose the aromas of freshly cut grass and fresh olives are mixed with hints of almond, artichoke and tomato on the palate .

Father goes perfectly with the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition and dishes with strong flavors such as bruschetta, salads, grilled meats, red sauces, vegetable soups.


Available from the 2018/2019 oil campaign


Available from the 2018/2019 oil campaign